• anon 1: you can see it here¬†:)
  • alittlehazay: you can find a bunch already over here, but (as long as i can find my dvd) i’ll try to make my own gifs sometime in the next few days!
  • anon 2: I pretty much agree with you. I think she has a ton of potential, but it was always overshadowed by her private life, and therefore she was never able to go as far as she could’ve. Hopefully she stills gets the chance! The drunk driving was definitely the most disappointed in her I’ve been, but it was years ago at this point and I’m able to put it in the past as long as she doesn’t do something stupid like that again. Since then though, she’s only really hurt herself, so I don’t see why people are as cruel to her as they are. Like, they’re crueller to her than Charlie Sheen, who continuously causes harm to other people. I think it’s completely sad how the media/general audience treats her. It’s fucked up as all hell that people actually take pleasure in seeing other people fall apart. She’s obviously not perfect, but people seem to really underestimate addiction and treat it as if it is easy to overcome. They don’t attempt to understand because they just want a trainwreck to laugh at. Like you said, I like that she’s honest and doesn’t try to put on a “perfection” act like so many celebrities. She’s real- she’s human, and she’s dealing with something extremely hard to overcome. I will always root for her health and happiness.
  • anon 3: Hahaha, I never would’ve noticed that! Thank you so much :)
  • anon 4: here you go
2 years ago on 27 April 2012 @ 4:31pm